Sweet Kicks with Bricks Lil Cthulhu

Had a great chat with Barry over at Sweet Kicks with Bricks talking about Lil Cthulhu, how the game was made and Kickstarter.  Check it out!

Head over the the Kickstarter after to show your support.

Also head over to Barry’s site Closet Geek Studios to hear more reviews!

Kickstarter is live, we are getting close to 50% in 1 weeks time and Undead Viking has posted their review! Lil’ Cthulhu is pleased! Check out the video and then head to the KICKSTARTER PAGE!

Check out what Undead Viking had to say!

Undead Viking has a great channel with many great reviews.  Head on over to his page and check him out!

Go check it out HERE on Kickstarter!

It has been a great week for Lil’ Cthulhu. We are almost ready to launch on Kickstarter and we got to meet with The Board Game Renegade to Preview the game. Afterwards he gave his thoughts on the game!

Check it out!

He is a great reviewer, check out his youTube channel HERE

Lil' Cthulhu Product Shot

This has been a busy week completing the rules, finalizing the Kickstarter page (click here to preview) and getting prepped for the Playcrafting Event on Thursday.  Through it all I have still been able to get out to boadgame events, get more play testing done as well as get together the final full game from our prototype group.
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Game Rules Lil Cthulhu De-Evolution Studios

As you know, for our submission for PAX South we had created a how to play video.  The video gave a brief description of the game and the rules on how to play.  For our game play test night this past weekend I played it for everyone thinking they would just get the rules.  Kinda really wrong there! Was it the alcohol or the quality of the video or just my irritating voice? No idea but it was clear it was time to write the official rules for the game and get them out of my head. So I started today, and let me tell you. Read More

Lil' Cthulhu Unboxing #1

I opened it up and it was the 1st prototype for Lil’ Cthluhu! Holy crap this is real!

It was all shrink wrapped and professional like! beautiful printing and all the stuff you would think of with a real game! So lets open up the box and see whats inside! Read More