Lil’ Cthulhu

Lil' Cthulhu Product ShotThank You Kickstarters!

We are excited to announce that we succeeded in our Kickstarter campaign! It was a fun year building and play-testing this game, now its out in the wild.

 The Story

You are cultist of Cthulhu and have been summoned before the elder god himself. He has commanded you to perform a task that will siphon off your very sanity… in fact it has already driven your dark master insane. You will  take on the most horrifying nightmare that the human mind can endure…  you must Babysit Lil’ Cthulhu.

Lil' Cthulhu Game info

Lil’ Cthulhu is a quick and quirky card game in which 2-5 players take on the roll of Cultists trying to keep Lil’ Cthulhu happy, by giving him the toys he is demanding. Sounds simple right? Wrong! Your problem is, he is a spoiled brat with the temperament and tantrums of an elder god who has ripped all of his toys in half.

Your job is reassemble his broken toys by reaching into the abyss that is the Dark Toybox for parts. Act fast, because every time you reach into the Dark Toybox you will lose sanity.

In this fast paced game, to pacify Lil’ Cthulhu you will collect & assemble all of his demands before the other Cultists. You will do so by back stab other players, suffering through his raging tantrums AND before going completely insane.

Know, you will not win. You can only hope to survive.  You will never have so much fun going insane!

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