Skully and his best pal Bony Rabbit loved breaking the rules of the underworld, venturing above to the land of the living and scaring the daylights out of children foolish enough to enter the graveyard. Nothing thrilled them quite like lying in wait under a fresh grave to leap out and grab nearby children, all while avoiding the eye of the groundskeeper. One day, though, a new groundskeeper moved in with his young daughter Candi. Skully & Bony Rabbit chose his daughter as his next victim. Skully tried all of his best scares: he ate his own eyeball, spit it out, and put it back in his head. He opened his robe and revealed the rotting black organs within. Nothing scared Candi.

Skully only realized the true danger, the true horror of the living world, when Candi closed in for a hug.
Narrowly escaping with their un-lives, Skully and Bony Rabbit dashed back into the path towards the underworld, but sweet, little Candi was hot on their heels. Skully knew that, should he experience the unbound love of a child, he would return to life as something horrid, an abomination of everything his undeath was: he would reborn as something… well… fuzzy!

Grave Fall De-Evolution Studios

Help keep Skully safe from Candi’s loving embrace -and a furry, adorable future- through rock caves, slick ice, molten lava, and three separate game modes!

Adventure (Difficulty – Medium): Help Skully retreat to safety, navigating through traps and nabbing Bonus Items that Bony Rabbit provides. And run fast, Candi is coming.

Skully vs. Candi (Difficulty – Very Hard): Bony Rabbit is nowhere to be found! How long can you last without help, hunted by the pigtailed terror? GOOD LUCK!

Timed (Difficulty – Easy): No Candi, no Bony Rabbit. Just Skully, the clock, and 100 levels of stone, ice and lava. Race against your friends to see who can get Skully down the fastest!

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