Candi’s Swamp Hop

Play like a girl, or don’t play at all! Just in time for the 2015 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East), Candi’s Swamp Hop app arrived into the iOS and Android app stores. This addictive and deceptively difficult game puts kids and adults alike into the pretty pink boots of our heroine – Candi. Players move Candi from island to island without dropping her into the murky swamp below. But watch out, if you do drop her she will have something to say about it!

Candi got bored of chasing Skully & Bony Rabbit down graves in GraveFall so she has decided to take a stroll and enjoy her most favorite place in the world! A swamp! How far can you get her before you drop her in to the swamp.

Candi's Swamp HopCandi's Swamp Hop PromoCandi's Swamp Hop PromoCandi's Swamp Hop PromoCandi's Swamp Hop Promo

Candi’s Swamp Hop features:

*Endless game play – the game will last longer than you will!
* Beautiful and simple graphics – Candi is cute too!
* Easy to learn, hard to play, harder to master.
* Leaderboards – see if you can beat your friends. Candi doubts it!
* Social connectivity – share your scores with friends if you are not too embarrassed!

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Download Candi’s Swamp Hop for free now. It’s difficult and addicting.

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