Body Challenge

Get frustrated when trying to lose weight? Most of the time that is the problem, you are trying to lose JUST weight. If that is all you are trying to do you will most likely get frustrated and give up on your goals because you are not seeing results. Looking at and tracking just your weight is NOT what you need to be doing.

What you don’t know is that you could be losing inches and / or body fat, which is just as good and sometimes betterthen losing weight! This is why we like to call it slimming down not losing weight because that is the over all goal – to fit into those old jeans.

With Body Challenge you can quickly and easily input your weight, individual body measurements (Neck, Chest, Arms, Forearm, Waist, Hips, Legs and Calves) and your body fat%. And if you don’t know your body fat % the app will automatically calculate it using your inputted body measurements!

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You can review your logs, set goals, graph and track your success and ultimately slim down to where you want to be. You can connect to Facebook IF YOU WANT and share your successes with friends and family. We suggest you do this because studies have shown that more people lose weight when doing or sharing their results with others than without.

Designed to work hand in hand with the 4 Hour Body.

Let us help you help yourself by keeping you motivated and by using measurements other than just weight! Are you ready to take the Challenge?