First Lil’ Cthulhu Product Shots are done!

Lil' Cthulhu Product Shot

This has been a busy week completing the rules, finalizing the Kickstarter page (click here to preview) and getting prepped for the Playcrafting Event on Thursday.  Through it all I have still been able to get out to boadgame events, get more play testing done as well as get together the final full game from our prototype group.

So with all of the cards, box and rules together it looked like it was time to take some nice product shots of the game.  Grabbed a backdrop, set up some lights and Boom! We have a product shot!

Lil' Cthulhu Product Shot

What do you think?

If you are interested in play testing this game, we will be at a Playcrafting Event on Thursday Jan 28th in NYC showing the game off, so stop on by!

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