First Prototype of Lil’ Cthulhu has arrived!

Lil' Cthulhu Unboxing #1

I opened it up and it was the 1st prototype for Lil’ Cthluhu! Holy crap this is real!

It was all shrink wrapped and professional like! beautiful printing and all the stuff you would think of with a real game! So lets open up the box and see whats inside!

Well the first thing we noticed was the printing on the box was not exact.  It did not bleed as we had asked as you can see on the box cover.  Bleed Lil Cthulhu Box

But for a prototype we are very happy! Next we looked at the back and were shocked with how it looked. It was so cool!  We realized that the mock text we put on the back should have been better but hey its a prototype!

Lil Cthulhu Box Back

Rip the shrink wrap off and time to open the box! WOW more shrink wrap on the cards and our tokens in little zip lock bags! OK this is starting to look professional!

Open Lil Cthulhu Box

We had designed a special insert for the game box and wanted to see how that turned out.  So we took everything out of the box… and WOW again. Cthulhu staring at us from inside the box! We love it!

Lil Cthulhu Everything out of the boxOK now its time to take the shrink wrap of this bad boy and see how it turned out.

Well we are floored! The cards feel great, the sanity tokens are pretty damn good too! All in all I think they did a great job for our first prototype!

Lil Cthulhu Full Prototype game unboxedWhats best about this is that this arrived just in time for Play Testing this weekend! If we get selected for one of the 2016 PAX South Indie Games you all will be able to play with one of these in Texas so lets be positive! Hope you all enjoyed the unboxing!

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